The Guide to Care for African Lily ‘Donau’ (Agapanthus ‘Donau’)

Agapanthus ‘Donau’, commonly known as African Lily ‘Donau’, Lily of the Nile ‘Donau’, or simply African Lily, is a beautiful and versatile plant that belongs to the Agapanthus family, also known as African Lilies. This striking plant is known for its showy, cut flowers and ability to thrive in a variety of garden styles. In this article, we will explore the essential care tips for Agapanthus ‘Donau’, including its watering, light care, and soil care. We will also discuss its growing region, growth rate, height, size and spread, season and temperature requirements, pruning, flowering, pests, and more.

Main Caring Considerations


Agapanthus ‘Donau’ requires average watering to maintain its health and vigor. It is essential to keep the soil consistently moist but well-drained, as overly wet or waterlogged soil can lead to root rot and other issues. Be sure to adjust your watering schedule based on the weather and season, decreasing the frequency during cooler months and increasing during hotter, drier periods.

Light Care

This African Lily variety thrives in full sun to partial sun exposure. Providing at least six hours of direct sunlight per day will ensure abundant blooms and healthy foliage. If grown in partial sun, make sure the plant receives adequate morning light, as afternoon sun can be too intense and cause damage to the leaves.

Soil Care

Agapanthus ‘Donau’ grows best in moist but well-drained soil with a pH ranging from acidic to alkaline. It can tolerate various soil types, including chalk, clay, loam, and sand. Ensuring proper drainage is crucial to prevent root rot and other issues associated with overly wet soil.

Growing Region

This African Lily cultivar is suitable for growing in USDA hardiness zones 1 through 12, making it a versatile choice for gardeners across a wide range of climates.

Growth Rate, Height, Size, and Spread

With a moderate growth rate, Agapanthus ‘Donau’ typically reaches a height and spread of 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 cm). Its attractive foliage forms a clump that spans 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm) in width.

Season and Temperature

Agapanthus ‘Donau’ is a hardy plant that can tolerate temperatures across a broad range. It thrives in heat zones 1 through 12 and can withstand various seasonal changes. However, it is essential to protect the plant’s roots from extreme cold by applying mulch or moving containers indoors during harsh winter months.


Pruning Agapanthus ‘Donau’ is essential for maintaining its shape and encouraging new growth. Remove spent flower stalks after blooming to promote a tidy appearance and prevent seed formation. Cut back any damaged or dead foliage in late winter or early spring to make way for fresh growth.


Agapanthus ‘Donau’ boasts stunning, showy flowers that bloom from mid to late summer. The blooms form in dense, spherical clusters atop tall, slender stems, creating a striking display in the garden. The flowers make excellent cut flowers, adding a touch of elegance to any arrangement.


This African Lily variety is relatively pest-resistant but may occasionally be affected by common garden pests such as aphids, slugs, and snails. Monitor your plants regularly for signs of infestation and treat promptly with appropriate pest control methods to prevent damage.


Agapanthus ‘Donau’ is deer and rabbit resistant, making it an excellent choice for gardens frequented by these animals. It also tolerates salt, making it suitable for coastal gardens. Additionally, this plant attracts birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds, bringing life and color to your outdoor space.

Garden Styles

This African Lily variety is well-suited to various garden styles, including city and courtyard gardens, coastal gardens, gravel and rock gardens, and Mediterranean gardens. It can be used in beds and borders, as edging, in patio containers, and along wall-side borders.

Companion Plants

Agapanthus ‘Donau’ pairs well with other sun-loving, drought-tolerant plants such as lavender, rosemary, and salvia. It also complements ornamental grasses, succulents, and other flowering perennials that share similar growing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Agapanthus ‘Donau’ be grown in containers?

Yes, this African Lily variety can be successfully grown in containers, provided they have adequate drainage and are placed in a location with sufficient sunlight.

How long does Agapanthus ‘Donau’ bloom?

The blooms of Agapanthus ‘Donau’ typically last from mid to late summer, providing a long-lasting display of color in the garden.

Is Agapanthus ‘Donau’ toxic to pets?

Agapanthus species, including ‘Donau’, are considered mildly toxic to pets, especially dogs and cats. If ingested, they may cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. It’s essential to keep pets away from the plant to prevent potential issues.


Agapanthus ‘Donau’ is a stunning and versatile plant that adds beauty and charm to any garden. With proper care, including attention to watering, light, and soil requirements, this African Lily cultivar will reward you with abundant blooms and a striking appearance. Its pest resistance and ability to attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds make it an excellent addition to a variety of garden styles and settings.

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