Why is my Stromanthe Triostar Drooping? Causes and How to Fix it

Stromanthe Triostar Outdoors

You may have noticed that your Stromanthe Triostar has drooped leaves and you’re not sure why. Luckily in this article, you’ll learn that there are many reasons why your tricolored plant may be drooping and what to do about it.

The most common reason why your Stromanthe Triostar is drooping is that it’s not getting enough light. You can fix this by moving it to a brighter area or placing it in front of a grow light. Other reasons include overwatering or letting its soil dry out completely. 

While the description above may be enough for you to diagnose and fix your Stomanthe’s drooping leaves, let’s look into the details of each of these causes and how to solve them. More sooner than later, you will be able to see your Stromanthe Triostar healthy and vigorous again.

Reason 1: your Stromanthe Triostar is drooping due to lack of light

Let’s get started with the first potential cause. Your plant might be dropping because it’s not getting enough sunlight. Stromanthe Triostar plants need indirect light exposure to thrive. A few hours of direct sunlight might be beneficial, but keep in mind that overdoing it can lead to leaf burn and even plant damage.

stromanthe triostar drooping
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How to solve it:

It would help if you moved your Stromanthe Triostar to a brighter area. For instance, we recommend placing your Stromanthe in front of a window, so it gets some morning or evening sun, but you should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as mentioned before.

If your place doesn’t have a window, backyard or balcony. You can use grow lights to supplement the lack of natural light. There are many grow lights available on the market. You can choose to use Fluorescent or LED grow lights as both have their advantages. They both come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so take your pick.

If, after a few days of making this change, your Stromanthe is still with drooping leaves, then you should evaluate if you are overwatering your plant.

Reason 2: your Stromanthe Triostar is drooping due to overwatering

Watering is a key caring task for any plant, and Stromanthe Triostar is no exception. If you wait too long to water your stromanthe, it can lead to the soil becoming completely dry, damaging some root systems. However, as Stromanthes are more adaptable than other houseplants, overwatering may be a more severe problem.

How to solve it:

Find out if you are overwatering your Stromanthe and adjust your watering schedule. This can be done by checking if the soil is wet or dry. The soil should feel somewhat moist but not soaked with water. If it feels like wet mud, you should wait up to a week to dry more.

Another method to determine whether your stromanthe is overwatered or not is by checking the leaves for any sign of black spots. If your Stromanthe have these black spots, then you should reduce the amount of water you are giving it immediately as this can lead to root rot and even killing your plant.

Stromanthe Triostar leaf

It’s also important to consider other caring factors like temperature and humidity since they affect how often you water your plant. For instance, during winter, when temperatures drop, you may need to water your Stromanthe less often. On the other side, during summer, when temperatures are high, you may need to water your Triostar more often.

Similarly, these plants like to live in humid environments as they are native to tropical environments. Therefore, you should keep the humidity levels of your stromanthe high by misting it or placing a tray with water underneath its pot. A more sophisticated way of increasing humidity is using a humidifier, which allows you to control the humidity levels of your Stromanthe.

If, after a few days of making this change and evaluating if you are giving it enough light and not overwatering your plant, the leaves still remain drooping, then you should consider whether you have let its soil dry out completely.

Reason 3: the soil has dried out completely

If you are not watering your Stromanthe often enough, then it will stress out. This can cause some leaves to struggle, leading to drooping. The main reason for this is that when its soil dries out, the stromanthe won’t be able to absorb water properly, compromising nutrient ingestion and plant growth.

How to solve it:

You should check the soil if it’s dry or not by sticking your finger about 1 inch deep into the soil. If the soil feels very dry, you should water your stromanthe thoroughly until water comes out from its drainage holes. Then let your plant drain before placing it back in its place.

If, after a few days of making this change, your stromanthe is still drooping, then you should check the Stromanthe flowers. If you have noticed that stromanthes are producing new leaves on their flower stalks, but these leaves are also drooping, then it’s likely that the Stromanthe Triostar is diseased.

Reason 4: Stromanthe Triostar has a Disease

Last but not least, if none of the reasons above have solved your Stromanthe’s drooping problem, then it may be diseased. The most common disease affecting stromanthes is Stromanthe leaf spot which can lead to black spots forming on the leaves and eventually on the stalks as well.

If you notice new Stromanthe Triostar leaves wrinkling and darkening, then your stromanthe may have a Stromanthe leaf spot. However, don’t worry too much because it’s a treatable disease. 

The first thing we suggest that you should do is to remove the soil from the base of the Stromanthe and clean it thoroughly. Then use a fungicide to apply on all of the Stromanthe leaves to prevent any spreading. Ideally, you should apply when the stromanthe is in its growing season between April and October.

The Stromanthe is a beautiful plant, but it’s susceptible to drooping leaves. We have reviewed the most common causes of stromanthe drooping and given you methods to fix it. We hope that this guide has been helpful, and you are now able to care for stromanthe better. Feel free to share this article with other plant owners so they can also learn how to prevent Stromanthe drooping.

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If you notice that the tips of your Stromanthe’s leaves are burning, turning brown and curling up on their edges, it may be because of what is in the water. Tap waters contain salts and minerals that can build up quickly when mixed with soil due to high levels of chlorine gas released during the chlorination process.

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